You need help but DON'T need 911

Notify friends & family that you need help along with your GPS location and no unnecessary call to 911.


Piece of mind for LESS than a cup of coffee

Only $0.99

See Your Location, Share Your Location, Survive... Urgency

This is a must have app for anyone who spends time alone or goes out in the world.


Goes Anywhere

If you have your iPhone in your pocket with a signal, you have Urgency.

Happily Ever After

Increase your odds of a happy ending by using Urgency to alert friends and family.


Only your fingerprint or your unique 4 digit password will disable alerts in Urgency.

Urgency Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Complex features made simple. Press a button on your Apple watch or iPhone, and help is notified in seconds.

GPS Location

Urgency uses the GPS location of your phone and sends coordinates to friends and family with no per message cost!

Only You

Urgency cannot be disabled by a third party. Only you can disable alerts with your fingerprint or pass code.


Say It Loud

Urgency is your digital megaphone! You need it help and it tells your family & friends quickly and precisely.

Works Everywhere

Urgency will work anyplace in the world that your iPhone has a 4G or LTE signal.

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How Much Is Your Security Worth To You?

The average American spends $91.00 a day on things like Coffee, Fast Food, Gas, Movies, and many other entertainment items that do not include their personal safety (and in some cases put their safety at risk!). For just $0.99, this does not have to be a worry any longer because that is all it will cost for the piece of mind Urgency offers.

  • Low cost
  • Free Updates
  • Premium Features Available
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The Vision To Help Those In Need

Imagine your teenage daughter is hiking in the woods or lost in a new place. She needs help. What can you do? We at Urgnency thought that there is something we can do! At Urgency, we defy the limits of technology daily.

Urgency runs quietly and can be triggered on your iPhone or your Apple Watch. Urgency alerts family and friends that you need help. Urgency will send SMS messages with your GPS location to recipients selected during setup. These alerts will be sent every 15 minutes until disabled by entering your 4 digit secret pass code OR using your touch ID finger print. Urgency does not use your phones built in messaging app, so the alert is sent repeatedly with one touch.

The uses of Urgency are almost limitless. If you are lost in the night, send an alert. If you are at home and have fallen, send an alert. If you have your Apple Watch on but your phone is locked in the house, send an alert. We want you to have Urgency for peace of mind, but we never want you to HAVE to use it.


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